Friday, December 30, 2011

Please forgive me...

it's been five months since my last post. :) I have been busily making name frames similar to the one in my previous post since my previous post. I have been selling them for my youth group at $15 a pop to help fund our trip to England in 2012. The orders have been steadily rolling in and have kept me pretty busy. Not to mention a promotion at work and a busy extra curricular activity schedule. So...I have been working on things, I just haven't been taking the time to post them. Quite honestly, I'm sure I've lost all of the followers that I once had. I wouldn't follow someone who didn't post for five months either.

Well, it's time for a new year - a new beginning. I am once again resoluting (is that a word?) to try to keep up with my can see how well I did last year. However, last February or so, I looked at two peas in a bucket for the first time in I don't know how long and a layout caught my eye. It chronicled the week of the designer. I read a little bit about the layout and discovered that it was part of "Project 365", in which the challangees, know, chronicle their lives for the week all year. What a cool idea to really showcase our real lives, which is what scrapbooking is really all about. So, I decided then (remember, back in Feb. 2011) that I wanted to do that next year. Yes, I'm one of those perfectionist type people who would never jump right in and join in February. I say perfectionist type, because I am VERY far from perfect. Anyway, hopefully, I will be able to post at least something once a week this year.

Speaking of perfection - I've been revamping the screaming green studio. It's not quite finished yet, but I will post some pictures soon.

Now - onto my latest project...a Squinkie container for my son's new obsession. For those of you who do not know what Squinkies are, they are tiny little squishy toys that come about 12-14 to a package - they are pictured in the last photo of this entry posed on top of the lid. They come housed in tiny little bubbles, similar to what comes from a gunball machine, but much easier to open. And...they are addictive. My son has proclaimed "squinkies are awesome". When he opened them up at Christmastime, my sixteen year old son even got excited about them - very funny, they both got very excited about each other's gifts. I said we should just get them half the presents next year and they can share. Anyway, as I said, they are addictive. Kai got 2 packages, one from Santa and one from Grandma. He promptly went out the day after Christmas and bought four more packages with Christmas money and is asking for more for his upcoming birthday. He's really excited about the new Spongebob ones that are coming out soon. I think they're pretty cute, too. In fact, they have some Hello Kitty ones I'd love to get and scatter around the studio, just for cutes (I've been very into Hello Kitty lately for some reason - very nostalgic). Well - since squinkies are so tiny, but we now have a ton of them, we needed a container to...contain them. So, we went to and found the logo and a coloring sheetoved this guy, he's cute and ornery, just like Kai. Then we went to our trusty local hobby lobby and bought a big tin with a handle. (I reminded Kai that the last tin I made for his Cars got all bent up so if we were going to get a tin, he'd have to be careful and he informed me that he is seven now. I can be so silly sometimes.) The following pictures are the result of said supplies and a bunch of Mod Podges (yes, it is MOD Podge, not modge podge, that's one of my pet peeves). The paper line is Little Boys from Echo Park. I used spellbinders for the little signs, which say "No electricity required" and "Just add imagination". The image is colored with copics and the font for the lid is Cricut B is for Boys.

Hope you enjoy and beware, as I said...squinkies can become an obsession. And, to the folks at Squinkies - if you see my post and like it, feel free to send me a package or twelve of squinkies...remember the Hello Kitty ones! I'm sure if I have any followers, they'd love to have a squinkie give away :)