Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday again

OK - I admit it. I overdid it! But, it wasn't going to work. I went shopping for school supplies for my son, went out to brunch and then went toy browsing with my little guy. I went home at the end of the day Saturday and I knew I had done too much. I rested all day yesterday (well, except for making this phone book) but, I'm whipped today.
I found this little pop up phone book in the dollar bin at Alco. I think they were retro even when I was a kid, so I was suprised to find it, but knew it would be so cute with this set. I cut a strip of basic grey two scoops and adhered it to the left of the letters. Then I stamped the image on white, and two other patterns from 2 scoops. I paper pieced the chair and the pants - I just think that the plaid is so cute for those pants, I had to use it again. Lastly I stamped "Hey it's been awhile...Call me!" on green basic grey strips and place them at an angle.
I'm still having problems with my IV site. The actual site, on the back of my hand is healed. However, further up, on the side of my arm about halfway to my elbow is a hard lump that is red and hot. I called the dr. about it today and I'm hoping that it's not a blood clot. I told the nurses that it didn't feel right from the first day, but they thought I was just complaining, I guess. Of course, I had been sawed in half and was up walking laps in the hospital hall without complaining, but I guess they didn't stop to think about that. I really did have very nice nurses, but I think they are just used to people griping about pains.


Cook22 said...

I should think doing much at all this soon is overdoing it, nevermind a day of back-to-school shopping and walking around shops!! Hope they sort out that arm for you.
What an absolutely brilliant phone-book! I'd say they started being retro in the seventies, LOL, but wow, that is way cool!

scrappinkay said...

love that phone book, isn't it fun to find those things. Nice to see you back.

Stacey Schafer said...

the li'l notebook is too cute! take care!

art-girl said...

Don't forget to take care of yourself!!

LOVE LOVE the phone book. Your stamping and piecing is GREAT.