Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back from the dead

OK -I have finally returned. After spening over two hours on the phone with direct tv the other day, trying to find out where my wireless router was, they finally discovered that my order had been deleted because they do not offer wireless internet in my area. Wow - would have been nice had they notified me and told me that. So, I will be having cox come out and hook up my internet tomorrow. So, I will be posting the Friday faceoff this week (and from now on), but it will be later in the day. So, sorry I've been MIA for so long, but hope to see everyone tomorrow afternoon!

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Cook22 said...

Isn't that sort of thing so darn annoying. I heard just recently of someone who tried upgrading her speed recently from 2MB to 3, and it didn't seem to be any faster. So she complained, and was told she never had 2 in the first place because her line only supported 1MB - but they'd been letting her pay for 2 for a whole year. Sorry I missed your last face-off; away on a holiday and then with a house-guest staying I just couldn't play catch-up with everything. But so long as it's not too Halloweeny this week count me back in :-).
Hope the rest of your efforts to get online go more smoothly.