Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cupcakes and valentines

We have a family supper club at our church, Grace Episcopal in Hutchinson, KS. The host family has it either at their house, or the church usually (although we've met at the State Fair and other offsite locations before) and supply the main dish and beverages. Last night we had tacos at the Steens. I agreed to bring dessert. I had originally planned to take Margarita cupcakes in addition to these for the adults (there is tequila in the frosting), but as I suspected, the limes available at our local grocery store were not good. So - fried ice cream cupcakes it was. They are not exactly like fried ice cream - at least the kind I've had, which is Carlos O'Kelly's. The cakes are chocolate - basically a lot like the chocolate cake recipe I usually use, but with cinnamon. The frosting was supposed to be a can of white frosting with a jar of caramel ice cream topping. I don't like canned frosting and thought that sounded gross. So, I made my own caramel frosting. The fried ice cream part comes in with crushed graham crackers mixed with cornflakes. All I had was cinnamon graham crackers, so I used them. Then you top with a cinnamon tortilla chip (brush with butter, sprinkle with cinnamon and bake until crispy). Despite being exactly like fried ice cream, they were pretty tasty and seemed to go over well. I made the cupcake liners with my cricut cupcake liners cartridge. More time consuming than I thought, but very easy and cute. Just a tip, if you've just bought your own or are considering buying your own, you can cut the liners at 8 inches with cut to length selected. However, you can only make one at a time in order to use that option.
I made these today (nothing like procrastinating) for Kai's valentine party at school. I made some green, pink and blue ones as well, but these were the most "valentiney". I used real red and black paper with sheer black ribbon. The stamps are inkadinkadoo rockstar stamps. These were originally supposed to just be pencil pouches, but my son thought valentine's day would be incomplete if he didn't help his friends rot their teeth.

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