Friday, September 5, 2008

Cozy day

It's raining here and dark. I love these kinds of days (as long as I'm inside). It's one of those days when you should be at home in comfy clothes, making jam, bierocks or whatever - baking or cooking something and having some kind of crafting going on. Why am I not doing that right now instead of typing away, you ask? Well, because I'm at work! Yes, that's right, instead of lounging about inside, snuggling under blankets, making goodies, creating wonderful things, I'm stuck at work! What's worse is, our computers are being worked on, so we have to stay logged off the network and can't really do any work. So why are we here?? Because we're getting paid. Maybe it will be like this again tomorrow and I can have my dream day then.

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Cook22 said...

Bierocks??? I'll have to look those up - I thought I was pretty good on US cooking terminology as I grew up on the Joy of Cooking. Hope you get your dream day tomorrow - in the meantime I'll waft some peanut-butter cookie aromas your way :-), as it is just that sort of day over here too.
Hate it when the computers are down in work, it's such dead time. You'd think they'd send you home - as if!