Thursday, May 15, 2008


OK - Tracy at took me at my word and used ALL my cards made with their stamps! You can see them posted here (scroll down, my name is Nancy French):
Kai took a nap at preschool yesterday - he's got a cold and has been doing that lately. So, I didn't get him to bed until about 9:30. I was tired, so I didn't get any projects made last night - did some organizing, but both the boys thought they needed to be in there with me, so I had to kind of work around them. Kai was playing with some blocks that I gave him from a couple of stamp sets and Gage was doing some make up work from art class. I still have some more reorganizing to do, hopefully I'll get it done tonight. If not, definitely over the weekend and will post pictures of my room by Monday.
I got some new stamps from clear dollar stamps - so cute! I have so many things I want to do running around in my head. I wish I could have taken the day off! I have a card in mind for the TCPTues challenge and another one using starvingartiststamps. Guess they'll have to wait until tonight.

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