Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Everytime I see this stamp from doodle factory's fairy tale, I hear the word from that Alltel commercial "Wwwwwizaaad". LOL. I made this card for my 13 year old whiz kid, who made good grades despite many absences due to illness and numerous dr. apts and the fact that he hasn't felt well all semester. I was so tired last night after the seminar I went to yesterday, and I brought back sandwiches from Nuway (a great local restaurant in the town where I had the seminar) and ate too much. But, with no interruptions from the little guy - who's still at Grandma and Papa's I felt like I had to stamp. So, I made this little wizard. Then I couldn't figure out what to do with him. Usually, I pick my paper first then color my image to "go with" the paper. This time I just started coloring. And, I knew I wanted a little image to go in the corner over there, but didn't know WHAT I wanted. I thought about the frog from this set, but he was a little big and I know I have a small frog, but I couldn't remember what set he was from - guess my next project should be indexing my stamps. So, I left him, sat down to watch tv, thinking something might come to me and promptly fell aslep. Well, Wasabi thought it was playtime at about 5:30 this morning. I ignored it for a while, but couldn't go back to sleep, so I got up and decided to make something with this little guy. I remembered this cauldron from a set of 2 stamps I got for a $ at michael's and decided to use it as the accent in the corner. Then I chose the turquoise card base and colored the bubbling mess in the cauldron with a turquoise stardust pen. I made a black mat, and the brilliant blue swirly cuttlebugged background. I was wishing I had some silver ribbon, but had to settle for grey. Lastly, I added the little amuse eye candy stars. I was going to add a sentiment that said "congrat's whiz kid". But, I kind of liked it without the sentiment and I figured my 13-year old would think that was goofy anyway, so I left it off.

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Sarah said...

LOL! I love that commercial. :) Very cute card too, btw!